Blade of Grass mixes analog and electronic instruments to create surging and hypnotic waves rolling underneath hallucinatory vocals. Live, the members build off of each other in a continuously intensifying loop as they explore sounds to create feelings. 

Josh Murphy’s vocals are unexpected auditory hallucinations that collide with Mike Hurst’s psychoactive rush of guitar fueled by Amos Przkaza’s furious drumming.

The video for their new single "Looks So Good" premiered on Buzzbands here

Both of their EPs, Skydream (2015) and Eyes Like Diamonds (2016) have been featured prominently on top college and non-commercial stations like KCRW, KXLU, KEXP, KPFA, WXPN, and KEXP. 

Eyes Like Diamonds EP (2016)

Eyes Like Diamonds released on August 5th, 2016 and is available on all outlets like iTunes. and Spotify. The album has been in rotation on KCRW, KXLU, KPFA, and WXPN among others.

Mike, Josh, and Amos are Blade of Grass

Mike, Josh, and Amos are Blade of Grass

Listen to the psychedelic layers of swirling sound below.

Earlier Releases:

Blade of Grass first EP Skydream in 2015 was well received on college radio and the music has been in rotation on KCRW and KPFA ever since.  Read and listen to Skydream here.